About me

Hey there, I’m a software developer from Bavaria, 25 years young. I just finished my master’s degree in computer science and now I’m diving into the world of some kind of professional software developement. In my spare time I’m an active developer of free (as in freedom and also as in free beer) software. See the bottom of this site for my projects. See the next page to find out what languages and techniques I’m into.


I care for privacy, therefore you won’t find me on social networks. If you want to contact me, email is the way to go: sahib@online.de. Alternatively you can use my XMPP handle, which is named sahib@jabber.nullcat.de. If you want to talk dirty to me, my PGP key ID is AF3D5DAC.

Other things I like (in no particular order): Cooking, Table tennis (as player and team leader), Biking & Hiking, Metal, Badly executed Art, Nature, Cats, Bo Burnham, Typography, Tattoos and Terry Pratchett books.


Formal education:

  • 2014–2016: Master of Science, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg (Ø1.4)
  • 2010–2014: Bachelor of Science, University of Applied Sciences Hof (Ø1.8)

Languages I speak:

  • German (native speaker)
  • English (proficient)


Below you’ll find a selection of the open source projects I worked on. All of them are licensed either as GPLv3, LGPL or AGPLv3. The most widely used projects are currently »rmlint« and »glyr«, both being packaged for many linux distributions. The most important to me is »brig«, which really could change how we exchange files with other people.

Active and well maintained:

A tool for secure and distributed
file synchronization based on ipfs.
Subject of my master thesis.
Size: 14 KLOC
Timeframe: 2015–2016
State: Working prototype.
Role: Lead developer.
A very fast deduplication suite for
Linux written in C with many
options. It also features a graphical
user interface
written in Python.
Size: 20 KLOC
Timeframe: 2010–2016
State: Used in production.
Role: Creator and 1/2 Developer.
A home-made kitchen radio
based on the Raspberry Pi.
Watch a video here.
Size: 7 KLOC
Timeframe: June 2016
State: Works fine in the kitchen.
Role: Software Developer.

Currently on hold due to lack of time:

Unique/powerful MPD client
with search completion, fast
playlist filtering, metadata retrieval
and smart playlist generation.
Currently discontinued due to lack of time.
Size: 15 KLOC
Timeframe: 2012–2015
State: Various Prototypes.
Role: Sole Author.
Library for music metadata retrieval
like coverart, lyrics, album reviews
or artist photos. More than 40 providers.
Size: 15 KLOC
Timeframe: 2011–2015
State: Needs maintenance or rewrite.
Role: Sole Author.
Web frontend for moosecat.
Backend is in Python,
Frontend is written in Coffeescript.
Size: 3 KLOC
Timeframe: June 2016
State: Buggy Prototype.
Role: Sole Author.

Dead or small projects:

Python library that generates
music recommendations based
on datamining algorithms and tries
to learn from the user's behaviour.
Size: 4 KLOC
Timeframe: Oct 2013–May 2014
State: Discontinued.
Role: Software Developer
USB driven multicolor LED,
which is controlled by a user-
space driver. Used for mail notifications
and moodbar based music visualisation.
Size: 1 KLOC
Timeframe: 2012–2016
State: Works well.
Role: Driver and utility development.
Small tool to plan and manage
recipes. Also supports the
rendering of a web gallery.
Size: 2 KLOC
Timeframe: September 2016
State: Works and generates e.g. this.
Role: Code review, Author is serztle.


If you like my work, you might consider a donation, but nice emails or buying me a beer is okay too. If you have questions, just ask me. I’m not as shy as I look like.