Looking up Providers

plyr.PROVIDERS contains a nested dict modelling all compiled in fetchers and providers.

'albumlist': {                                 # The name of this fetcher
            'required' : ('artist'),           # A list of required properties
            'optional' : (),                   # A list of properties that are optional
            'provider' : [{                    # A list of providers this fetcher can use
                   'key'     : 'm',            # one-char identifier of this provider (rarely used)
                   'name'    : 'musicbrainz',  # Full name of this provider
                   'quality' : 95,             # subjective quality (0/100)
                   'speed'   : 95              # subjective speed (0/100)
                   ... next_provider ...
'lyrics': {
     ... next_fetcher ...

You can use this for example to get a list of all fetchers:


You get the idea. Use itertools and friends to get the data you want in a oneliner.


This dictionary gets built on import. Different version of libglyr may deliver different providers.

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